Full Review – Dazzlepro 7 Day Smilepacks

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Be sure to enter the coupon code “Dazzle7Day” to get the 70% discount and free shipping.

Dazzlepro offers a product called 7 Day Smile Packs and they ranked third on our list of the best teeth whitening products.


Now, here’s the deal. Normally, we wouldn’t rank Dazzlepro Smile Packs so high, but right now they are offering a 70% discount. All you have to do is enter “Dazzle7Day” at checkout.


One of the best parts about Dazzlepro Smile Packs are the self-contained tray-based system. Instead of mixing, making your own tray, and measuring gel, all you have to do is unpeel the package and insert the tray.


Additionally, the whitening solution is the most powerful that we have seen.


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The Quick Facts:

  • Overall Grade: A
  • How It Works: 11% Peroxide, Self Contained Tray
  • Discounts: 70% off (total price $39.99) with code “Dazzle7Day”
  • Customer Reviews: Positive


A Look At The Company:

We actually didn’t find a lot of information about Dazzlepro.


What we do know is that they create a high quality product that does exactly what they say it does — whiten teeth in just 7 days.


What You Get:

The normal price is $129.99. We found a coupon code that brings the price down 70%. It’s “Dazzle7Day.” Head over to the website to see if it is still working.


Dazzlepro sends one week worth of smile pack treatment trays with your order.


How It Works

The Dazzlepro system is a self-contained tray that doesn’t get reused. The trays come pre-filled with an 11% peroxide solution. That’s a higher concentration than anything that you can buy at the store and definitely higher than the 2 or 3% solution that most people use with at home whitening solutions. As a reminder, Mint Cosmetics offers a dentist-grade whitening system with only 6% peroxide.


To start a whitening treatment, you peel the protective film off of the tray and insert it into your mouth. It takes 20 minutes per treatment.


In just 7 days, you’ll have drastically whiter teeth.


Now, Dazzlepro is all about simplicity. There are no LED lights, no syringes, no whitening pens, just pre-filled trays that you use and toss out when you are done.




The People We Talked To:

Dazzlepro would be ranked higher, however some people cannot handle the power of an 11% peroxide whitening solution.


This is definitely the most powerful product that we tested.


What people do enjoy, however, is the easy to use simplicity of the Dazzlepro system. The trays are one-time use, there is no mess, and you don’t need to worry about the 4 or 5 other steps that larger systems like Zero Peroxide use.


Our Test Results:

Easy. That’s what we will call Dazzlepro 7 Day Smile Packs. The easiest to use teeth whitening product available in a tray-based system.


The trays themselves don’t conform to your mouth. They aren’t custom fit like the Mint Cosmetics trays—so there are some points lost there. However, the formula is powerful and effective. It really only takes 7 days to get whiter teeth.


The Bottom Line:

If you want simple and easy, Dazzlepro is a great choice for at home teeth whitening.


And right now, they’ve advanced to third on our list because of the price. If it wasn’t for the deal that Dazzlepro is running right now, we might not have included this review.


Yes, it is effective. Yes, Smile Packs contain a very large concentration of peroxide (11%) that whitens very fast. But—at the usual price of $129.99, your moving into dentist office whitening cost.


Anyway, right now with coupon code “Dazzle7Day” at checkout you can get the price down to $39.99 at their website. Take a visit below.


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Be sure to enter the coupon code “Dazzle7Day” to get the 70% discount and free shipping.


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  1. Gina McDonald

    My GAWD this is what I’ve been searching for… I’ve used white strips for years, which are great! They are comfortable, easy, and do the job. But they are expensive and it takes weeks. These things are a fraction of the cost and work 10x faster! Awesome product, highly recommended.

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