Disclosure Policy for Ratings:

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationship we have with providers when we write about a product or service. Here are the guidelines we follow for Top5TeethWhitening.com:

Organize The Products – We split the products we tested, researched and reviewed into two categories. Things that work, and things that don’t. The idea is to save your time so you don’t need to even read a review of something that doesn’t work for you.

Look At The Company – We research the company, their business practices, and investigate how they do business. This is what matters in the world of impersonal business: how the company treats you as a customer.

Create A Review – After determining what works and what doesn’t, we create a full review of each product so that you can determine which teeth whitening solution is the best for you. Our reviews take into consideration effectiveness and innovative. We like products that do something different. New technology, new ideas, and more effective systems, that’s who we prefer.

Tell You What To Buy and What To Avoid! – The best part about Top 5 Teeth Whitening is that you only see the top 5 best teeth whitening products on the market right now. Yes, we’ve looked at a ton more, but the products listed on our site are the ones that matter.

We are not paid to do a review. We invest our own time and research in reviewing products.

  • If we create a link to a product or service in a review, we may or may not get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service.
  • To protect the integrity of the reviews and our website, all reviews are completed before any affiliate relationship is started.