Q: Why Teeth Whitening Reviews?

A: Here’s why….

The last Crest White Strips review we read, other than the one we wrote, said that they worked. Period. No extra information, no ideas, no explanation. And we wanted to know more! Our only choice was to head over to the manufacturer’s website or to read reviews from other customers. That was helpful, but we felt like there needed to be a better resource for teeth whitening reviews online. Take a look at the About Us page for more info.


Q: What Is The Difference Between Crest White Strips And Trays?

A: Most of the time, you can look at the active ingredient and you see that it’s the same thing. Chances are, the active ingredient is. With the exception of products like Zero Peroxide, most of the best teeth whitening products use the same peroxide-based whitener. The difference is in application and effectiveness. Strips work, but trays get those hard to reach areas between teeth.


Q: How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

A: The honest truth is that we can’t tell you for sure. One to two weeks is what we have noticed in the testing and reviews that we’ve done with other people. Whitening results vary from person to person.


Q: What Causes Stains?

A: It’s the food you eat and what you put into your mouth. Coffee, tea, acidic foods and drink. If you smoke, it’s cigarettes or cigars. Most of the foods you eat and beverages you consume that aren’t water contain tannins and acid that discolor your tooth enamel.


Q: What If Whitening Doesn’t Work?

A: Sometimes, whitening doesn’t work well because you have damaged the enamel layer that protects your teeth. If this is the case, the first layer of your tooth underneath the enamel becomes exposed and gives off a yellow color. Now, some teeth whitening products will bleach that yellow color, but your never going to grow back enamel once it’s damaged and gone. You really can’t go wrong with anything on our top 5 list. If nothing there works, you might want to talk to you dentist about enamel deterioration.


Q: Why Can’t I Buy The Products You Review In The Store?

A: Here’s a fact: buying things online is cheaper. You end up cutting out the middleman. Now, we do have a Crest Whitestrips review and you can check it out here. You’ll find those in the store, and they did make our top 5 list of the best teeth whitening products. But, you really get a better deal with whitestrips and everything else if you buy them online. So, when we took price into account for the products we reviewed, a lot of the more expensive options were only available in stores. It turns out that they had similar effectiveness and ended up more expensive. So, we left them out!


Q: I Am Worried About Sensitivity To Whitening Agents!

A: You need to check out Zero Peroxide. One of the things that we looked at while reviewing the best teeth whitening products was sensitivity and issues for people who can’t handle the powerful whitening agents used in most products. Zero Peroxide is the best option for people with sensitive teeth. It’s also our top rated product because of the innovative techniques Zero Peroxide uses.


Q: What Can I Use At Home To Whiten My Teeth?

A: Start by drinking more water and changing the foods you eat. Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Stop drinking coffee and soda. Seriously, unless you are willing to give up your morning coffee, it’s unlikely that you will be able to whiten your teeth at home without buying a teeth whitening kit from someone recommended on our list of teeth whitening reviews.


Q: What About Hydrogen Peroxide?

A: Many people use hydrogen peroxide in a 2 or 3% solution to whiten their teeth at home. You can give it a try — in fact, peroxide is an ingredient in many of the best teeth whitening products. The problem is that the designers of teeth whitening products incorporate other whitening agents with peroxide to increase effectiveness. How you apply it also counts. A teeth whitening kit is really your best option.


Q: Whitening Pens Don’t Work For Me!

A: They might not! There are generally two types of pens. Some are for instant touch-ups. You know, the stains that you get on your teeth throughout the day. They are designed to be carried in your purse for last minute smile improvement. Others are designed for long-term whitening and treatment. You’ve got to consider which one you are using!


Q: Can I Send You A Question?

A: YES. Please send us a question. We are always looking to improve our site. Have a suggestion? Want to see something reviewed? Interested to know if we have heard of another product? Go ahead and send us an email here.