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Power Swabs are a bit different from the other systems that we reviewed. Instead of using a tray like Zero Peroxide or Dazzlepro or strips like Crest Whitestrips, Power Swabs uses tip applicators to apply whitening solution to your teeth.


Their kits come in a variety of sizes with several different products in each kit. Price varies depending on the kit and number of additional products you order from Power Swabs.


They rank fourth on our list because of the price. The complete package is quite expensive compared to the other teeth whitening reviews on our list. Power Swabs makes the cut; however, because they frequently offer discounts on products.


Head over to their website for more info on pricing.


The Quick Facts:

  • Overall Grade: B+
  • How It Works: Stain Fighting And Whitening Swab Applicators
  • Discounts: Visit Manufacturer Website For Discount Info
  • Customer Reviews: Positive


A Look At The Company:

Power Swabs was developed by Dr. Martin Giniger, a dentist and researcher who has actual dental experience working with patients. He has won a ton of awards for his research and innovations in dentistry and teeth whitening. If you head over to their website, you can read all about them.


The company itself has been producing and developing innovative at home teeth whitening solutions since 2008. Like most of the companies that make the best teeth whitening products, it’s a pretty young company.


What You Get:

Depending on the kit size, Power Swabs includes several types of products, each with a whitening and stain fighting focus. Here is what they offer…

  • White Ultra Swabs
  • Stain-Out Swabs
  • Power Gloss Toothpaste
  • Stain-Out Quick Stick
  • Stain-Out Maintenance Swabs
  • Maintenance White Swabs


Packages come in several varieties including the “As Seen On TV Special,” or 7-Day, 1-Month or 3-Month Kits. Each is offered at a varying level of whitening intensity. The 3-month intensive whitening kit includes everything you need for multiple 7-day intensive treatments and maintenance.


How It Works

Instead of a tray or strip, Power Swabs use a liquid applicator.


The liquid is thin and becomes thick and with air. When you apply it, it almost looks like a foam. The foam collapses on your tooth and hardens over your enamel. The process is complete safe, and it is generally effective against most stains. Because it happens quickly, there is no need to use a tray or strip applicator.


White Ultra swabs are for intensive whitening treatment, stain-out swabs fight stains, and maintenance swabs keep teeth white between treatments. They also offer a whitening toothpaste.

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The People We Talked To:

The one thing that people like the most about Power Swabs is that there are no trays and no whitestrips in the system. It’s fast, easy, and you don’t need to walk around with something in your mouth for a half hour twice a day.


People also like the options that Power Swabs offers. Instead of having the choice of just one or two different kits, Power Swabs has a large variety of treatment kits available for people with many types of whitening goals.


Our Test Results:

No trays and no gel means zero chance of mess!


All you have to do is pinch the tube that contains the whitening swab to activate, bend the swab container to remove, and then apply the swab to your teeth for two minutes.


Two minutes is all it takes!


Results take almost the entire 7 day period to have significantly whiter teeth.


The Bottom Line:

Power Swabs are perfect if you don’t want to mess with trays or strips.


Head over to their website to see all of the pricing options. It’s a little hard to figure out what each component does — their website is filled with a lot of information, reviews, videos, and details about every element of their at home whitening system.


As we mentioned before, pricing changes all the time so be on the lookout for sales and deals.


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