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It’s easy to see why Zero Peroxide takes one of our top ranking.


Not only is it effective, but it also whitens your teeth without the use of peroxide whiteners that some people experience sensitivity using. Additionally, Zero Peroxide is remarkably affordable for what you get.


If you’re wondering how to get white teeth, Zero Peroxide has the answer. Yes, the kit is tray-based. Yes, it contains a bunch of extras that you have to use… like a light accelerator. But, of all best teeth whitening kits we reviewed, you’re not going to find a better value for people with sensitive teeth.


Check out our complete Zero Peroxide review below…

The Quick Facts:

  • Overall Grade: A+
  • How It Works: No-Peroxide Gel, Tray And Light Accelerator
  • Discounts: Click Below and Use The Code “10off” For 10% Off Your Order
  • Customer Reviews: Positive


A Look At The Company:

Zero Peroxide is a new company. In fact, when we first started researching the best teeth whitening kits, they weren’t even on our radar. We expected the top product to be Crest Whitestrips, and they’re not even close.


Zero Peroxide makes their kit in the U.S.A. It’s safe, guaranteed to work (that’s a money-back guarantee) and it’s approved by dentists.


The real advantage to Zero Peroxide is that the developers of this system really thought about how to match innovation and technology with effectiveness. You don’t see many products utilizing multiple whitening techniques to get results and you definitely don’t see many whitening kits designed to reduce irritation.


What You Get:

The most popular kit is $99.99. It includes:

  • Travel Bag
  • 2x10ml Whitening Gel
  • Mouth Tray
  • LED Accelerator
  • Mouth Tray Holder
  • Whitening Gel Pen
  • Shade Guide
  • Free Shipping
  • Money-Back Guarantee

The basic kit does not include the LED Accelerator.

How It Works

It’s a tray based system. You place the 35% sodium bicarbonate whitening gel in the tray, insert into your mouth and apply light from the LED accelerator to speed the whitening process.


The sodium bicarbonate mixture is combined with aloe vera, pomegranate, vitamin D, and chamomile to improve whitening power and speed.


If you are looking for fast results, you should definitely go with the light accelerator option. The light accelerator is very similar to the type used to speed the whitening process in dentist office treatments.


The People We Talked To:

We actually tried Zero Peroxide ourselves. Unfortunately, there are only a few people that run this review site. For testing, we have to go out and talk to other people that have used the system.


In addition to using Zero Peroxide on our own teeth, we spoke with several people who have tried it. Many of them had actually tried the 5th ranked product on our list — Crest Whitestrips — most people that had used both products preferred the speed and sensitivity reduction of Zero Peroxide.


Our Test Results:

We ordered Zero Peroxide from their website with a 10% discount. Click below to visit and order with the same discount code we used (10off).


The package we received included everything mentioned.


We also spoke with their customer service representative to ask questions about the kit and talk about how it worked. They were both willing to answer our questions and courteous.


One of the things we didn’t like were the mouth trays. They looked like they would be uncomfortable, and after trying many other mouth tray systems, I am happy to report that they weren’t. The trays fit well and formed to the mouth without discomfort.


The LED accelerator made the process faster than most methods.


It was a little awkward, but results came fast. Even after just one treatment it was clear that Zero Peroxide was THE system to use.


The included whitening pen works great for touch ups between whitening treatments.


The Bottom Line:

Zero Peroxide is one of the best teeth whitening kits on the market. That’s why it took our top spot.


We enjoyed talking with the people at Zero Peroxide. The order process was quick and easy. Results were fast.


The only thing we didn’t like was the amount of stuff that came with the kit — trays, gel, a pen, and an LED accelerator. The fact of the matter is, that’s what makes the system work! Everything together is a great deal — something that a few of the other companies we reviewed don’t match.


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Be sure to enter the coupon code “10off” to get the 10% discount and free shipping.


2 thoughts on “Full Review – Zero Peroxide

  1. Glen Campbell

    I had tried Crest Whitestrips and they worked, for awhile, but after many visits to Walmart and having my gums feel a bit numb after applying the stuff, I figured I’d spend a bit extra and try something different. Your review of Zero Peroxide is spot on. It’s worked wonders and I have absolutely zero sensitivity. I model for a living and need a good smile. So I don’t know if I should be thanking you or Zero Peroxide, but I did find the product through your review and wanted to say thanks, it helped me a lot. Highly recommended.

  2. Angie Schuessler

    I’m a believer. I never even heard of this method but saw your review and decided to give it a go. It worked FAST and it’s amazingingly simple. My husband now calls me “Hollywood” haha. Thanks.

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